We embrace emerging technologies and innovation in hardware and software to create transformative products.


Transformative innovation

Fuse is an innovation and technology initiative from The Mission Marketing Group. We explore the potential of emerging technologies in hardware and software to create transformative products and services.

Fuse represents a range of established technology products which deliver tangible business benefit and competitive advantage.

We aim to solve tricky business challenges for our Clients. We're always looking to develop and nurture the next brilliant idea from across our group companies.

Our products

Fuse represents an expanding range of cutting edge solutions that benefit some of the largest international brands.

From asset tracking and indoor navigation, to network marketing and professional services management, our innovative products form a unique and impressive portfolio.

Asset tracking and plant intelligence

Comprehensive network marketing system

Services information system

What's next for Fuse?

An interview with our MD, Matt who discusses our upcoming plans for Fuse.


Technology opinion


Pathfindr Locate is an affordable and scalable asset and parts location solution. It also provides valuable facility intelligence to optimise workflows and processes, and smooth usage of tools and equipment.

The Pathfindr product uses bluetooth, optical and GPS technologies to provide real-time data indoors, outdoors and on the move.

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Fuse works across The Mission, who are fast becoming the UK’s leading, most respected Agency group delivering outstanding results for our Clients wherever they operate.

We achieve this by providing impartial advice and challenging industry conventions. We also harness innovative technologies and incredible creativity. Across 16 Agencies with 25 offices and 1,100 people in the UK, Asia and the USA, we’re dedicated to helping our Clients grow and succeed.

Ignition. Looking for bright sparks

In late 2018 we will be launching Ignition, Fuse’s annual innovation competition open to all inquisitive and curious minds across The Mission group of companies.

Individuals and teams will be invited to submit their ideas for any new products or service. The brightest spark will receive investment and support to turn their idea into reality.