Everyone's talking about...

...innovation. The truth is it’s been at the heart of the most successful companies for centuries. Modern advances in technology and the rapid pace of change mean it’s more important than ever to be innovative.

Embracing innovation and change means we remain relevant. It’s why we created Fuse, with a desire to understand the potential of new technologies and how they can be used to benefit our Clients.

As a group we have always provided award-winning Marketing and Communications services. Over recent years we have also invented a range of fantastic technology products and solutions. It’s one of the reasons we have such long-standing relationships with our Clients.

Fuse brings together our Mission companies and people to collaborate on existing products, nurture ideas and develop new solutions to add to our already impressive portfolio.

It’s as simple as that.


Our focus


Identify, nurture and establish ideas for products and services from across the group of Mission companies.


Cultivate a group-wide culture of innovation and collaboration through engagement, content and events.


Build relationships with external innovators, start-ups, makers, entrepreneurs and technology partners.


Maximise the potential of existing Mission products and solutions, promoting them internally and externally.

The City

Continue to demonstrate to the City and investors that we are a progressive and innovative group of companies.

Our Clients

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How we do it

1. Identify need

  • Market gap analysis
  • Client challenge
  • Enhancing a brief
  • Internal business requirement
  • Personal spark/interest

2. Explore possibility

  • Potential of new technologies
  • What already exists?
  • What can we improve and enhance?
  • Utilise integrations, open source, IoT

3. Create solutions

  • Encourage a maker mindset
  • Proof of concept, rapid prototyping
  • Client collaborations
  • Is there a repeat application?
  • Do we have a product?

Our people

James-Clifton b&w

James Clifton


Chief Executive of bigdog, James started out Client-side before working for various agencies within the global networks that are Omnicom and WPP. He created balloon dog in 2008 having led an MBO of Fox Murphy. balloon dog was acquired by The Mission and James was appointed to the Board in October 2012.

Matt b&w

Matt Isherwood

Managing Director

Matt has spent his whole career in digital and software product roles, and has worked in The Mission since balloon dog joined the group in 2012. In 2015 he set up Ethology, a UX consultancy in The Mission.

He's passionate about technology, gadgets and TED Talks.

Ben-Sturgess b&w

Ben Sturgess


Ben is a creative technologist with a history of inventing and developing an eclectic mix of products. He designed and built his own line of drones 10 years before drones were everywhere, created infra-red collars to track cats on BBC Horizon's Catwatch programme, and is the inventor of our Pathfindr products.

Want to know more?

Like the look of one of our products?
Do you have the start of a brilliant idea and would like some support?
Or perhaps you have a tricky business challenge that we could help you to solve.

Whatever it is, get in touch. We'd love to hear from you.