We are live

We’ve been planning it for the last few months, but as of this week, we’re delighted to say that Fuse is live!

Fuse is all about technology, innovation and collaboration. We’ve created it to represent the existing products offered by Mission companies, and to help them grow and succeed even further.

We will also help to find that next great idea, supporting individuals and teams to turn those ideas into reality. It could be a proactive idea to take to an existing Client, a wish to enhance a live brief or a spark of personal interest.

Crucially, it could be inspired by hearing about a Client’s particular business problem that they haven’t quite been able to crack. That has been the catalyst for inventing of most of our existing products.

In addition, we will launch Ignition in 2018. Ignition is our annual innovation competition open to any individual or team in the group to submit their ideas for any type of product, service or solution. Shortlisted entries will present to the Fuse panel, and the very best will win investment to further develop their idea.

To hopefully provide some inspiration, Fuse will be creating regular content related to technology and innovation. This will be available through the Fuse website, and make sure you also follow us on Twitter to keep up to date.

Our Managing Director, Matt Isherwood, is currently on what we are calling the Fuse Roadshow! Matt is working his way around the UK meeting with Mission companies to give an introduction presentation to Fuse. Thanks to all the Agencies who have hosted Matt so far. There has been some positive feedback and a lot of interest and great questions.

Unfortunately, it won’t be possible to present to everyone at each office we visit, so we will be filming one of the presentations and posting it up here for those of you that want to see it. Matt has run the presentation six times already, so he should be ok at it by now.

Once the initial Fuse roadshow comes to a close, we will be looking for opportunities to bring individuals together from across the group. This will allow us to share knowledge and experience in technology and innovation and to take useful learning back to each of the Agencies. Lots more to follow in due course, and we can’t wait to start this activity.

We’re excited by the launch of Fuse and hope you are too. We’d love you to be involved.

The Fuse team



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