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Fuse represents a fantastically diverse portfolio of products, delivering solutions for tangible benefit across a wide range of sectors.

Our products were all created to solve real business challenges. This provides a focus for innovation, and ensures they generate long term value for our Clients.


IoT Asset Tracking & Plant Intelligence

Pathfindr is an industrial IoT platform providing real-time asset/part location and plant intelligence.

By deploying sensors, cellular data connectivity, BTLE/UWB trackers, and optical image recognition via smartphones, Pathfindr increases plant visibility and reduces the time-to-find of assets in the aerospace OE and MRO environment.

  • Improve efficiency
  • Greater process visibility
  • Low cost-of-entry
  • Agility
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Accurate & Cost Effective Indoor Navigation

Pathfindr Navigate introduces an alternative solution for indoor navigation and wayfinding, offering greater accuracy and better reliability than WiFi, bluetooth and magnetic solutions.

  • Indoor micro-location
  • Innovative wayfinding
  • Customer insight
  • Sales promotion

Absolute Positioning

We don't estimate where you are, we know. We call this Absolute Positioning and it makes the difference between knowing whether you are in aisle 6 or aisle 7.


Accurate Orientation

If you've ever used your smartphone's compass indoors, you'll know how unreliable it is. We identify your heading independently so you'll always know which way to go.


No Wifi

Pathfindr Navigate works completely independently requiring no WiFi, GSM or other Data connection. All you need is your smartphone in your hand.


Comprehensive Network Marketing System

For national and global brands who have network or franchised local presence, Cortex is an integrated marketing and business system that simplifies and optimises the process and performance of locally targeted marketing activity.

Unlike specific purpose local marketing platforms, Cortex is an end-to-end system that provides human and creative resources in conjunction with technology and valuable insights.


Services Information System

Easl is the essential back-office management and information system for service-based companies. Developed internally and provided to Mission companies, it has revolutionised the way we run our businesses.

  • Time recording & reporting
  • Resource scheduling
  • Workflow management & tracking
  • End-to-end financial management & reporting

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